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Motion Millwright Repairers & Installers

Fabricators & Detailers


Serving performance driven industries


Insured to work at manufacturing, processing facilities and mines

210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109 ~ 830.491.7256


meeting maintenance and constructions demands of

concrete - steel - machinery

engineering - maintenance

critical path projects




We provide specialized service for


               Retro Fits


               Critical Path

               Plant improvement

               Remote access Work

               Confined Space Work

               Design-build engineering

               Maintenance - planned and unplanned outages




An innovative combination of services


                                       Equipment installations, retro fits, & up grades

                                       Steel Fabrication on site & fabrication shop

                                       Maintenance fixes, repairs, & replacements

                                       Shot Crete ponds, tanks, walls, & refractory

                                       Water blasting cleaning & demolition

                                       Special buildings & structures

                                       Concrete repairs & new work

                                       Piping above & below ground

                                       Demolition & dismantling

                                       Environmental projects

Send your request for a proposal to:















Our standard proposal has some clear advantages


            A quick and easy process



You will be informed of the


                 specifics of the scopes of work

                 A schedule of values

                 A schedule of events

                A plan




Floyd Hurst vice president




The friendship of those we serve is the basis of our business.

They expect us to be reliable to do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it.



Steve Curry president




This company was established in the year 1972 and has been performance driven by the nature of the manufacturing and processing industries that we wanted to serve.


Our ability to identify and solve problems with Engineering followed with a wide range of service sets us apart from other Contractors..

Most of our Engineering and service challenges originated from a Customers request for maintenance service or a need to rectify a persistent problem at their facility.

And some of our biggest projects were a result of responding to an unplanned outage.


You may not see it at first, the engineering, concrete, steel and motion millwright skill sets do compliment each other and the bundling together of the skills is an absolute necessity for a Competent General Contractor of capital and maintenance projects.


The photographs in this presentation are recent records of our work activities and we will offer you references that will verify what you see in this presentation are fact.


Our Customers will also verify that we are recognized as a dependable Contractor that you can trust to get jobs done.






BROWZ keeping compliance in check

ICC - International Code Council

ICC candidate #ICNON040409 MSHA Contractor #A0656



Look at our company profile and see what we can do to make your business more productive









We offer Design-Build service as part of our proposal to move unplanned projects forward in 3 steps.


The service begins with an agreement to settle all design and costing options with engineering.


In the second step we confirm the costing and time elements.


In The final step we make an agreement to build the project.



Motion Millwright service


Rail receive conveyor scale receive conveyor 800 ton shear

Reheat furnace ramp repairs replacing lagging replacing belt & buckets

Call 210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109 ~ 830.491.7256

Elevators Conveyors mixers crushers pumps - Cranes

spout piping & chutes Motors Cyclone Fans

Precise shaft coupling and laser alignments

Alignment instruments replacing a 20 ton bearing installation of automated saw

repairs of100 ton Reheat furnace repairs of billet conveyor shop fabrication


We offer Crew Service for

Maintenance Emergency response

And cost-plus projects


Call 210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109 ~ 830.491.7256


                    Motion Millwright

                    Concrete construction

                    Demolition and dismantling

                    Drilling and cutting concrete

                    Foundation and concrete repairs

                    Piping above and below ground level

                    Metal buildings and special structures

                    Custom steel fabrications on site and fabrication shop

                    Machine repairs and fixes to get the system operational

                    Assembly of equipment and machines thru motion testing

                    Custom shape cutting of steel and stainless steel plate

                    Precision shaft alignments of motors and transmissions

                    Water blasting for cleaning, flushing pipes and demolition



We work out of a tool crib - not a pick up

Averaged Man Hour rates

Including basic tools, equipment, supervision, per diems, & overtime pay


$48 to $145 Monday thru Sunday

$79 to $236 Emergency - Critical Path - Holidays




We Offer Remote access and confined space work


We will accomplish tasks that require remote access



We seal leaking spouts and seal leaks from inside tanks




Work solutions for remote access at heights, depths and confined spaces

practical skills using professional equipment for the job.




177 feet above ground level controlled decent practice in our shop




provides a valuable and distinctive service


Engineering - Design-build

Gathering of information to identify and solve problems

immediately followed by fabrication and installation




If you have any experience with getting things done you know that

Planning before the job is worth more than experience after the job






Do it right the first time



engineering is essential to success



Solving details before fabrication begins




Call 210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109 ~ 830.491.7256

Hydro-Demolition of concrete

Radius concrete fillet keyway cut into Austin drain tunnel 90ft below ground surface


Clean and roughen concrete surface preparation for repair compounds


Tank cleaned for painting Building clean for repairs


Paint and concrete repair compounds will bond to clean surfaces


Clearing obstructions in pipes, tubes and silos with water jetting

230hp pump 13gpm @ 20kpsi 450hp pump 20gpm @ 20kpsi

230hp pump 13gpm @ 20kpsi 450hp pump 20gpm @ 20kpsi

3D Nozzle tank cleaning clearing tube bundle pipe polishing mole

tank with cut away



Water Blasting is an exact science requiring the tools for the job. It is not about the pump by itself.




We can automate manual process systems








We install Remote Inventory management devices and CPUs



We install Programmable Automated Controllers


PACs are the inexpensive solution for automation


PACs are the current generation of PLCs built on the simple building blocks of step ladder logic and the benefits of a computer, networking and software that is easily learned by anyone with computer experience.




We design-build bulk storage tanks, bucket elevators and towers




We design-build bulk storage facilities



We insulate and install storage tanks



We design-Build Tank Foundations


retaining walls auger-cast piles


auger-cast piles for tank support load test of auger-cast pile



concrete placement of auger-cast pile cap








We CNC Shape cut plates on the job site and at our fab shop


X, Y Motion Controller and plasma torch


coping and notching beam parts made for tank outlet


flanges and connecting plates cut exact



We have castellated beams for many purposes

To lighten structures

To strengthen structures

For mechanical and architectural purposes



We build specific-use buildings


We can provide the rigid Main Frames required



We build portable buildings for offices or living

Up to 22x 50 - all steel construction - concrete or wood floor

Plumbing and wiring as you need it



Fabrication in our fab shop and on the job




crane way column we build slide gates

shape cutting pipe and plate

coping beams column

Custom machines designed and fabricated




A Hurst design-build concrete batch plant for mobile concrete



A Hurst design-build mill crane for a 3100 ton/day feed mill


Vertical mixers for a feed mill 60 door-crane way truss for a tube manufacturer



A Hurst design-build 50 door-crane way truss for jet engine fan plant FY2014


Concrete Construction

We have built bridges




We have built and modified treatment basins




We have placed 1200 cubic yards of concrete in a day




We know the high performance concretes and grouts




We use reliable prefabricated forming methods






We provide concrete embeds with proven Nelson Studs




We are equipped to place concrete



Drilled pier foundations






We install piping, vaults & tanks of all types




Control Manifolds rotate-able spouting high maintenance spouting



Spout piping Adjustable fittings Pneumatic fill pipe



Primary electric power ducts



Primary electric power ducts Sanitary waste Tank




We cut and drill concrete with diamond tools



paving replaced in 96 hours anchor bolt replacement 80 inch depth



Drilled in anchor bolts hole thru wall for new electric



Saw cutting on night shift anchor bolts replaced



We solve project problems with engineering




We designed a hydraulic Lift system of rail receive scales to enable replacement of conveyor equipment under the scale.





We used Engineering modeling procedures to develop a Shot Crete that will bond to old concrete to provide a time driven and durable concrete repair application.



We provide shotcrete wet application for lining tanks and walls, slopes, compression ring shoring, heavy structural repairs.


The Shot Crete application method has been utilized for more than 95 years with some outstanding achievements in tunnels.


the American Concrete Institute committee 506 was organized in 1942 to cover shot Crete standards for the USA. Shot Crete is a proven method used to repair concrete, to build tanks, to seal tunnels and aqua ducts, to shore deep vertical excavations, for domed roofs and to build difficult shaped structures. Shot Crete walls combined with earth screw anchors build superior retaining walls.


>>> Problems solved with Shot Crete are limited by imagination <<<




Gallery of projects done


Text Box:     

The largest anchor bolts that Hurst has cast into concrete were 5 dia. X 192 for a 25,000-horsepower synchronous motor

































60 Door-Crane way Truss for a tube manufacturer







9 ft. depth drain flume cut into floor to a tunnel for a steel mill






























RR Trac on concrete Tank Steam Trace



Replacement of load out control gates



Process Equipment Columns Retracting platforms



Hurricane repairs 2008 Condo structural Retro fit