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Transformer Removal

For this project the costumer needed to remove 3 transformers for service and maintenance.   The job called for 2 transformers removed from the second floor and one located outside.  For obvious reason the two from the second floor presented the most challenges.

Transformer Platform

First challenge in removal was the fact that the door for was 25 feet in the air and no ledge or platform to place the transformers for the crane to pick up.  For this we created a costume built steel platform to fit inside the doorway.  This was anchored down through the concrete floor and also the legs were anchored below into the concrete.

Hilman Rollers

Second challenge was moving the transformers.  Their weight was 1800 lbs and 28500 lbs each.  But this challenge was easily met by the use of Hilman Rollers.  With the KRS-30-SLD kit.  each roller having the capacity of 7.5 tons, Swivel Locking Diamond grip top.  Moving the transformer was only a matter of cable winch and pulleys.  You can find more about the Hilman Rollers on their web site, www.hilmanrollers.com and also see a short video of our rollers in action below.

18000 lbs Transformer

Each transformer presented it's own challenge but the process was the same.   This required us to first rise the transformer high enough to place the roller under on each of the corners.  Then moving the transformer off the pad and over the containment curb.  Once located in the main hallway we had to perform a 90 degree turn and pull the transformer towards the loading platform.  Once on the platform we removed the cable winch and used come-along winch for more precise motion control.  Then it was just a matter of connecting the transformer to the waiting crane cables as the transformer exited the door onto the platform.

28600 lbs Transformer

24300 lbs Transformer

 The Third and final transformer was much easier.  Able to get the crane parked right beside the transformer, pick up and place directly onto the transportation truck.  Of course safety being the most important, we had power line in the area and this was discussed and documented on proper JSA forms.

Hot Flue Gas Project

Customer asked us to replace existing 48″ fiberglass duct with a stainless steel duct.  The installation also included a new working platform and replacing the fiberglass transition duct.  Work site required MSHA certification by all working crew.

removal of excising ductnew platforminstallation of new stainless steel duct