Retro-fitted Truss

The purpose of this truss is to provide a 60 foot wide opening to move stainless steel tubing from the forming bay to the finishing bay of the manufacturing plant.

The truss supports three columns of a building and crane way live loads.

Sam Vacek PE designed the construction of the truss and we designed the method of installation.

Sam envisioned in place welding as the primary method of installation.

We designed and built the truss as 100% bolt-up at ground level,  then lifted completed truss to installation height.

This is a typical example of our ability to provide solutions for improving the outcome of non-forgiving scopes of work.

Custom Drain Installation

From design to reality...

Here is an example of a customer asking us to cut into an existing concrete floor.  They gave us the desired lay out and suggested a pre-sloped fabricated drain system.

Our job was to make it happen.  From cutting the floor, digging the trench, installing the drain and refinishing the floor.  All within a budget they could afford.

Work was done on weekends and during normal business hours.  Safety was key!