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3D Simulation and Stress Analysis

Simulation bearing-table

Customer has asked us to add a table to their bearing beam.  The table must be functional but also offer support to lift the shafts when work on the bearing is needed.  To guaranty this, we modeled the exciting condition and added a table.  Then simulated the situation by adding a 30ton force to the table under the shaft as the point of contact when lifting.  The simulation results are below.  In conclusion the table will support the necessary load to lift the shaft and work on the bearings.

Displacement simulation

Displacement Simulation

Displacement shows that we can expect a max deflection of 0.0216 inches

Stress & Strain simulation

Simulation strain

Strain shows that we can expect a max of 0.445 ft-bls

Simulation stress-solidsSimulation stress-beams

Stress shows that we can expect a max of 27kpsi which is below the yield strength of 36kpsi.