At Hurst Industrial Contractor, our industrial concrete repairs are second to none, and all of our work is performed to the industry’s highest standards. If you notice any cracks in your concrete, it could lead to an underlying issue such as metal corrosion due to the ability of moisture to enter a once sealed area. New strains on older concrete can eventually lead to expensive problems down the road. Concrete deterioration is a serious matter, and Hurst has the machinery, manpower, and knowledge for any repair work. Let us help you with your repairs so there will be no more worries about the stability of your facility and surrounding concrete.

As well as repairs, Hurst is also a leading expert in the field of concrete hydro blasting and projects. With our modern machinery, Hurst ensures your concrete is poured and set with immaculate precision and quality. When you leave the work to Hurst, you are sure to receive a quality product.

If you have any questions concerning our industrial concrete work, Contact Hurst Industrial Contractor today.