Hurst Industrial Contractor provides high end services, including emergency repairs, to locations all over Central Texas. For 40 years, Hurst has been providing quality solutions for the industrial industry. Whether you have an old piece of machinery that needs an upgrade or retrofitted part, you will only receive the best service when it comes to Hurst Industrial Contractor.


When it comes to Hurst’s industrial installation services, you name it, we can install it. We provide a variety of warehouse installation services including new machinery, conveyor systems, and even project consultation. If you are building a new location, warehouse, or even renovations, but do not have the manpower, knowledge, nor equipment to properly install and transport equipment, Hurst Industrial Contractor is here to help.


If you are looking at adding a new part to a machine, or a new machine in general, contact Hurst to ensure that it is completed correctly. Retrofitting is, in essence, adding a component to something that did not contain the component when first manufactured. Some of the most common types of retrofits include:

  • seismic retrofit: this involves strengthening components of an older building to make them more resilient and be able to withstand earthquakes and shifting
  • home energy retrofit: improving an existing building with modern, energy efficient equipment
  • power plant retrofit (what Hurst provides): the process of enhancing a warehouse of power plant through the upgrade of machinery, parts, etc. in order to increase efficiency and output, while lowering emissions.


Industrial upgrades involve various additions, parts, or completely new machinery in order to increase output, while decreasing time and manpower. Many upgrades can be completed in order to speed up a machine or make it run more smoothly. If you are looking at upgrading part of your warehouse machinery, then contact Hurst Industrial Contractor for a bid. We can also aid in helping you select the right part or machine that is best for your upgrade.

We pride ourselves on striving to provide quality solutions with safety as a top priority. When it comes to installations, retrofits, upgrades of your equipment, our priorities are the same. Hurst also provides complete design-build construction, as well as any equipment solutions.

For more information, visit our contact  page or call us at  (210) 669-6552

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